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Man as Industrial Palace

Scroll down for today's pictures & links.

Man as Industrial Palace

Based on the 1927 illustrations by Fritz Kahn, which depicted the human body as a huge factory, this fascinating animation was made by Henning M. Lederer in 2009 (more info):


Today's pictures & links:

The Sunken World

One can only imagine what hides beneath these waters. This is Kalyasin's area, The Church of St. Nikolai:

(images credit: Evgeniya Egorova, Sergei Zakharov)


Pontiac Bonneville Special, 1954 Concept Car

I find it hard to believe that this car can't fly - maybe there are retractable small wings after all? Only James Bond and MI-6 would know. See more pictures here.

(images credit: Don Keefe, Supercars.net)

Another concept car that looks like futuristic flying vehicle: Ford la Galaxie 1958, more pics here.


Good Morning, Yellow Cute Something!

This Miyazaki-style creature was found on Japanese blog - this is actually image manipulation, the original sculpture can be seen here, as part of the modern art exhibition in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

(image via)


White-Hot Volcano

Lightning storms, miniature yet vicious... Eyjafjallajökull (say it three times) volcano. See more pictures of the eruption here and of the volcanic ash clouds here.

(image credit: Peter Vancoillie)

(image credit: Brynjar Gaudi, AP)

If you want to read about some fascinating ceremonies to placate the angry volcano gods, check out this article: Living with Volcanoes

(image credit: John Stanmeyer)


Mixed fresh links for today:

Hard-to-see Sea Creatures Revealed - [wow nature, pics]
A Look at the Soldier of Tomorrow - [big pic]
The Garden of Cosmic Speculation - [interesting]
Pretty futuristic military technology: The Sound Blaster - [cool video]
The Daily Dish: Cool Petri Dish Art - [wow art]
Japanese Posters for American Car Movies - [vintage]
10 Traits of Highly Successful Men - [useful]
Somewhat Creepy: Robotic Elephant Trunks, A Mouth - [wow videos]
Loud, Obnoxious Buttons.. Gotta press'em all at once - [crazy site, lower volume]
The Cat Walks Upside Down - [only a pic, no video]
Five-axis mill carves out a motorcycle helmet - [wow video]
Funny Videos From Brian Posehn Of "The Sarah Silverman Program" - [promo]
Sign up for The Toilet Paper - Occasionally offensive. Sometimes hilarious. Never misinformed. - [promo]


A Cold Day in Hell: the Border Between North and South Korea

Two NKPA soldiers amid the impressive icicles. The concrete at bottom of picture separates the two countries, cross it and spend the next fifty years memorizing communist manifesto:

(photo by Michael Treglazoff, exclusive DRB)


Simplicity is Superiority!


"Ukranian Member of the Transformers"

As seen on Staro-Novo, this is a "10m-tall construction built by the company TransInvestService as a signpost for visitors who earlier had a difficult time finding their port terminal. It also helped them get rid of an old bus and two ZIL-trucks as well as various other metal scrap".

If you look closer, you'll see that the head of this guardian is made from overturned Russian minivan, and there are two more truck parts serving as his hands.

(image via)


All Bent Out Of Shape

(top image via)

Are these pictures real of fake? They are real, all right, but don't let it stop you to check out the rest on this page.


"You Can't Serve Two Masters"

Two masters being God and money (Matthew 6:24). However, you can use the paper money style to create an interesting religious poster:

(click to enlarge)


Fill'er up with regular

Fast food, car washes, etc. all up in the air: aerial highways 1954-style:

(original unknown)


Glamour on Top of Pulpit Rock

We got more images featuring the spectacular Pulpit Rock in Norway (read about it as part of our Dangerous Roads, Part 4 article). Pictures courtesy Susi Varming:

(images credit: Susi Varming)


The secret to Microsoft's market share


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Futuristic Concept Cars of the 1970-80s

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Epic 1970s French Space Comic Art

DRB Time-Slice: Valérian and Laureline

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Blogger GrandMaster said...

Ehm, not complaining or anything, but the link to the 'pretty futuristic technology' is part of the iron man 2 movie promotion material. Most definitely not actual real-world technology. Pretty fun to watch though.

Blogger Sigivald said...

That oscilloscope picture is, of course, faked.

But some (many? most?) of the more modern ones do actually run Windows CE as a host for the display, capture, and analysis bits.

You'd never even notice, and they don't advertise it (because who cares?), but it's there.

The scopes are, after all, just computers with some very specialized input hardware and very specialized software...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The photos of the volcano were achieved using HDR (High Dynamic Range) techniques.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great as always! however, I must point out that the original yellow sculpture for the Miyazaki-style creature is being exhibited in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, not Santiago de Chile.

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

thank you - info updated

Anonymous stephen said...

Amazing collection.


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