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The Triangle: Jaw-Dropping Juggling

Scroll down for today's pictures & links.

The Triangle: Jaw-Dropping Juggling

This mesmerizing performance by Michael Moschen demonstrates his amazing dexterity and fluid, almost magical movements. You may have also seen Michael juggling crystal balls in the "Labyrinth" movie (with David Bowie).


Today's pictures & links:

Now in Black-and-White

The famous Snow White MacBook cover - click here to view the original - gets an even better treatment in black-and-white:

Buy this cover from Vinylville on Etsy. Or choose a whiter shade of pale.


This Does Make More Sense, Doesn't It?

Dmitri Mendeleev did not dream up The Periodic Table in this shape, but that's only because his head rested on a rectangular pillow. Now, had the pillow been round-shaped...

Read more more about this idea.


All Shook Up

(image via, original unknown)

"My tongue get tied when I try to speak... My insides shake like a leaf on a tree..." - click here for a neat video


Strangely-Shaped Chinese Chakka Houses

Ryan Pyle at the Global Post took some fascinating shots of circular houses with inner courtyards (with small temples built in the middle). These are the Hakka Tulou "apartments" in Yongding county, Fujian province - effectively small fortresses built against bandit attacks (the upper levels have gun openings all around):

(images credit: Ryan Pyle)

See the full article with photos here.


Mixed fresh links for today:

The Biggest Mall in the World is Also the Creepiest, more info - [fascinating]
Graham's Number: Completely Unimaginable!, more - [wow science]
Probably the strangest feature of Saturn, explanation - [space]
Where automobiles go to die, in style - [abandoned]
At this cafe you get what the person before you ordered - [weird]
Brilliant & Bizarre Bedroom Designs - [compilation]
Only when you see four sides of the story... - [this project is going to suck you in]
The Persistence of Vinyl Records - [surreal art]
Two Balloons Do A Strange Thing - [neat video, science]
Never underestimate the power of a great story - [fun video]
You Need a Sixth Finger! - [vintage video]
Huge Paint Fight Between Twitter Followers - [cool video ad]
Tenerife has the best graffiti? - [urban art]
The biggest bank heist in history - [Hitler's gold]
Great Coffee-themed Photography - [cute pics]
Make stunning Flash websites for free! - [promotion]


Grotesque Clocks by Karl Claydon

Karl Claydon makes clocks that literally eat time… and would gladly eat you too if given a second’s opportunity.

(images credit: K. Claydon)

Karl's work reminds us of the darkly surreal richly-detailed sculptures by Kris Kuksi - see our article and interview with Kris "The Art of the Grotesque".

If you need a shot of the grotesque in day-to-day fashion, nothing will get as many stares, or create as much controversy as this outfit:

(original unknown)


The Mine Squad

These boots were made for some pretty dangerous walking...

(original unknown)


Eclectic, Surreal, Haunting

Sometimes brilliant, always disturbing, drawings by Dino Buzzati are now being re-issued by the New York Review of Books Classics: Poem Strip is choke-full of strange stuff (some nsfw).

from Dino Buzzati's Poema a fumetti (1969), Poem Strip (NYRB, 2009)


Geeky Bliss for Girls

(original unknown)


"365 Designs in a Year" One-man Challenge

Chow Hon Lam from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is a very versatile, talented artist. His current challenge is to draw 365 cool designs - each in a different style. Some of them are simply brilliant:

(art by Chow Hon Lam)

See many of these designs here.


Golden Romance

Reaffirm your values:

(image via)


Muddy Waters

Extreme Off-Roading was on DRB before, but these images are relatively new. Still stuck, still dirty:

(images via)

Don't miss our article Siberian No-Road Adventures for even stickier "stuck" situations.


Only in India

This must be the most politically incorrect sign on earth. Spotted by Matthew Lowden in Fort Kochi, Kerala, India:


Awww!... Look at the baby!

(original unknown)


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French, Italian & Japanese rare beauties

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Epic 1970s French Space Comic Art

DRB Time-Slice: Valérian and Laureline

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Blogger Graeme said...

The photographer of the Hakka houses is actually named Ryan Pyle (that's a y in his last name). And he's a very nice guy!

Blogger BonzaiRob said...

The swastika is a Hindu symbol, facing either way. The Nazi's stole only the right-pointing one. (This is why it's amusing once in a while to see a stupid neo-nazi with the hindu symbol for evolution of the universe, the left-facing one.)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michael Moschen gave a ted talk years ago and discussed his philosophy and approach towards juggling. Worth watching for anyone who enjoyed the triangle piece. He's amazing!


Anonymous Anke said...

Is there any info where or by whom the last photo, with the helicopters, was taken?

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

No info... would like to know about this one, too.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

these are from the site:
EnglishRussia.com it is in their abandon Russian countries series on war machines forgotten.

Blogger Max said...

Heh, minefield sandals and metal detectors. Just got a flashback to my combat engineering service.


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