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Building a Chrysler Car, 1939

Scroll down for today's pictures & links.

Building a Chrysler Car, 1939 Animation

Faux 3-D animation which has a feel and look of being way ahead of its time, detailing the particular way Chrysler cars were built in 1939 (film made for the 1939 New York World's Fair) -

[video has been removed, so here is a page with more info and images - click here]

On a somewhat related note, check out the short movie about the mischievous spring running loose - click here. "A Case of Spring Fever" (1940) - source. Sponsored by Chevrolet Motor Company, by the way.

Oh, and this is how auto-moto manufacturing is done in Italy - click here.

Today's pictures & links:

Build your house on a rock... or a globe.... or on the Moon.

A nice red cottage... on top of the 85 meter high Ericsson Globe Arena in Stockholm, Sweden. A daring installation by Swedish artist Mikael Genberg.

(image via, AP)

"His ultimate goal is to place a similar cottage on the Moon" (tentative date 2012) - more info.


"Telharmonium" Gigantic Synthesizer, 1906

19-meter long musical synthesizer "Telharmonium" (weight around 200 tons) was the grand-daddy of all sound synthesizers, but unfortunately the sounds it produced were not particularly good... However, the sheer size and ambition of this thing are astounding. What you see on the first picture is only the keyboard! Photos below show the actual monster hidden in the cellar (more info)

(images via 1, 2)


Softshell Turtle

Well, hello there! - more info on this Florida softshell turtle (Apalone ferox).

(image via)


Apartment Tetris

(original unknown)

Well, apart from Photoshop, there are some interesting Tetris urban art installations - this one, for example.

(images credit: Justin Sachtleben, via)

This is the project of Gaffa Gallery, planted into Sydney's Abercrombie Lane - more info


Mixed fresh links for today:

Pygmy Jerboa: the weirdest animal, more - [wow nature]
Aircraft Factories! - [awesome geeky pics]
What's in your fridge speaks a lot about you - [interesting]
Escaping North Korea, photos, close calls - [wow article]
Best Beer in the World?, Rating List - [food & drink]
First Web Server, more info - [tech]
What sort of revenge is this? - [fun video]
Idiot Criminals - [fun video]
"Hum": Vinyl Player Head Robot - [cute animation]
Make stunning Flash websites for free! - [promotion]


Pink - Knitted! - Barbed Wire Fence

This is another item in the long line of ridiculously pink tanks, weapons, fighter jets, and other military equipment - see our article Tank Bling!.

(images credit: Lacey Jane Roberts, via)

Spraygraphic site has an interview with the artist Lacey Jane Roberts. She says, "Most of my work consists of large-scale site-specific knitted installations that are made primarily out of acrylic yarn that I knit on children’s toy knitting machines."


Russian way of fixing a house

Why bother with expensive renovations? When government officials and other authorities visit Ekatirenburg, there is always a quick fix:

(original unknown)


When you know too much...

...you start to look really weird:

from an old Twilight Zone episode "To Serve Man"


Soap Bubble Life Form

(image credit: unknown, possibly Worth1000)

Another "bubble life form" - cool umbrella set-up:

(original unknown)

What's ever more impressive: a house made from umbrellas, by Kengo Kuma - click here.


Surprising Vintage Ad

I wonder why they don't sell them anymore?

(image credit: Steve)

See a lot more strange vintage ads on this page.



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe that the black and white picture of the large headed person is from the short sci-fi film "To Serve Man". The guy in the photo is actually an alien.

Blogger herbicide said...

The soap-bubble rabbit looks like a render test showing an iridescent shader and HDRI reflection mapping.

Blogger Kevinq2000 said...

Anonymous was half-right. It was an old Twilight Zone episode, called "To Serve Man." One of the classics:



Blogger Allen Knutson said...

The Russian building tradition goes back a long way, enough to have the name Potemkin village.

Anonymous Kristopher said...

The person you borrowed the gum-massage ad from has some issues.

Check out his personal comments.

He complains about TV making people into idiots that don't read, yet he can't spell words correctly.

And his factual errors are hilarious:

Characterizing blood sucking mosquito as female is sexists? Errrmmm ... male mosquitos don't suck blood.

Adding Iodine to salt to prevent goiter is dated medicine? Iodized salt is why no one gets goiter in civilized countries.

Man needs a spell checker, and needs to lrn2Google.

Anonymous Daffyd ap Morgen said...

The done-headed man is Ted Cassidy who later played "Lurch" the butler in the Adams Family TV series.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The alien is actually an early role for Richard Keil, later played "Jaws" in the Jame Bond series

Blogger tinamaan ng kidlat said...

i like the soap bubble rabbit :D

Blogger Allen Knutson said...

I was guessing Lurch also, but Jaws is the correct answer.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The soap bubble-shaped rabbit is a screen capture showing the real-time possibilities of nVidia graphic cards using Cg (C for graphics)language. Cg is part of Cg toolkit and the first version came when they released the GeForce 3, the first mainstream programmable graphic architecture. Using pixel and vertex shaders, the manipulation of objects in the demo occur in real-time.

You can download the Cg toolkit here: http://developer.nvidia.com/object/cg_download.html


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