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Link - by A. Abrams

For those of you who like funny pictures...

... we made another (tenth!) part of the Crazy Logistics series, so that you will keep reading all the previous parts and never get your work done!

See what people do when they badly need (or want) something, but lack means to achieve it otherwise. "A little tractor engine that could":

Geek's Stress Relief:
("generator of inner peace and happiness")

Look at life through the beer-colored glasses - it's bound to look better, we promise! Order these "beer goggles" from this page:

(image via)

For the Agent Smith in all of us:

The weirdest use of an iron... to get your bum warmer (by degrees) -

This is a better use of a bike - to make a cotton candy (more info)

(image via)

"Keep your mouth shut" device:
(probably enhances chances of dieting)

Show your affection:

(image credit: Jen Kleis)

Carry your cabin with you (as a human snail) -

(image via)

Miscellaneous homegrown brilliance:


Fantastic Ways to Do Things

Small house, small car, but this is Japan:

Save energy! Recycle your love message:

Why bend down and pick the harvest the old way? In Belarus, they catch a ride instead:

(images via)

Multi-tasking pays off with a better catch:

Close it with duct tape!! -

Build it with LEGO! -

Do your ironing the extreme way:

Do your cooking the extreme way:

Do your emailing in an extreme location:

Need to make a call anyway:


Go swimming (with thousands who had the same idea) -

Have a dinner out, way out -

Dudes hanging out:

Measure it! -

Here is a tool to do awesome things that you never imagined you can do:

Have... to.... sleep...

(original unknown)

Risk your life for a light bulb, or an air-conditioner:

An innocent-looking preparation for bank robbery? -

Cameras are losers:


Ways to get to the mall are constantly improving (but are they getting any greener? you be the judge):


Automotive Ingenuity, or Drivers' Sheer Genius

(image credit: Worth1000, yes Photoshop)

Auto-thief is caught in the act... of using very conspicuous method:

Got a bike? Decorate the heck out of it, so that nobody could see the bike under it...

or just make the bike larger:

Intimidate with sound:

What is it, a sauna?

A boost in power? -


When you need to carry a big load, when do you stop?

Drive slow and carry a big fish, or just get youself a miserable little car and... overload it to death:

Aah! That smell!!..


(image via)


(photo by Roberto Neumillier)

Scotch seems to get it:



When you're bored, find some old 3D glasses and - astonish your cat!

or make easy tire sculptures:

Finally... we can only guess that this also is done in the name of art:

Originals are unknown for most of the images. If you know the original info, please let us know.



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Risk your life for a light bulb"

Looks perfectly safe. He's even got his stabilisers deployed!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The bus with the wood fired heater on the back is actually using the gas made by that gas producer for power, not heating.

Anonymous Chichocik said...

According to http://www.englishrussia.com/?p=2033, photo of the harvest was taken in Belarus, not in Uzbekistan.

Blogger Patrick said...

Actually, the crop picking procedure shown is used almost everywhere in Europe, including industrialized nations such as Germany, France, the Netherlands, etc... It's quite a productive method and it avoids back problems due to the fact that the produce pickers are lying down.

Blogger Holy Cuteness said...

Haha, some of them are really too funny.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Patrick, indeed. I've also seen conservators in museums using the same method when, say, working on a large mosaic.

Blogger brian said...

my computer is having trouble loading all the pictures on a large page. could you maybe split big posts into 2 pages? ktnxs

Anonymous Avidan The Sane said...

where did you find the wrench pic?
please email me at avidan.the.sane+dark roasted blend@gmail.com

Blogger Joanna said...

I want the old handset to plug into my mobile phone. Now THAT would make it easy to hear a caller when I'm in a noisy place!

Blogger Frooples & Froopert said...

This was too funny!
I especially like the cute cement truck!
Frooples.(Froopert is out to dinner) :P

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "mouth shutting device" was marketed to supposedly prevent neck sagging (turkey neck)

Anonymous Adam said...

wow i just spent AGES looking at all those. pretty good

Blogger David said...

These truly are amazing.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha Hilarious pictures!

Anonymous Alex said...

Great collection, Looks like you keep every funny image you come across like I do.

Blogger Nora said...

No, the chin strap (and "turban" headband) is specifically marketed as a beauty product. It contains several supposedly helpful "ingredients" (platinum, geranium, lava powder, yellow ochre) and claims to provide an "easy lift" to the face, even while sleeping. It might well work for sleep apnea, but that's not what it's for.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The 'boost in power?' on the bus actually is a wood carburetor, which actually is some sort of stove, where wood is heated slightly below its flashpoint. As a result wood gas leaks from the wood and can be used as a substitute for fuel. 3kgs of wood can substitute ~1 litre of fuel.
For example, wood gas was used after the WW2, when fuel was heavily rationed in germany.
Read more on wikipedia:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Automobile Club of Helsinki University of Technology does actually have a Volkswagen Kleinbus converted into a sauna. With porch.

And it is fully driveable.


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