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Flying Penguins

Scroll down for today's pictures & links.

Flying Penguins

...unlike any other penguins! They fly, as long as they stay fit -


Today's pictures & links:

The Proper Map of Europe

Don't take it seriously, of course.

(image via)


A Baby Pygmy Hippopotamus

Pygmy (or dwarf) hippos look mighty adorable as babies... judge for yourself:

(original unknown)

(image credit: AFP / Getty Images)

(original unknown)

They're... essentially happy:

(image credit: Xavier Fargas)

The species are endangered, currently there is only 3,000 left in the world. Pygmy Hippo even ended up on very interesting coins issued by Sierra Leone - with diamonds embedded in them:


Drinking Coffee in Space

... is slightly tricky. The liquid refuses to come out of the glass, even if you turn it upside down. Here is a video of how properly drink it - Click here

Back to earth... for those who prefer tea... Here is a great new idea: Teabag Coffin (designer: Jonas Trampedach) -

(image via)

Get your used teabag out of sight and out of the way. Clean, neat and brilliant.


Disappearing Rabbit Trick

"Follow the rabbit tracks. BAM! The tracks suddenly end where the wing prints of an owl start..."

(photo by Susan Barstow, Bethel, Alaska, via)

Aside from the "owl version", this seems to be a reasonable solution, too:

(image credit: vital_k)


Mixed fresh links for today:

Sky Sails for Huge Container Ships, info - [cool tech]
From waves to particles by standing waves in space - [science]
Creatively Offbeat Modern Clocks - [design]
World's Firsts (Vintage Technology) - [interesting]
An Elitist Thanksgiving - [food]
Really bizarre: Transformer Mickey Mouse hybrid - [weird]
Guy stacking 20 bricks on his head: work as usual - [wow video]
Another seriously obsessed cat - [fun video]
Spring Water Dress (and a cool car) - [cool video ad]
Business Intelligence - [promotion]


Tim Girvin on beauty in Marrakech

Some insights on the unique Muslim view on what constitutes "beauty", and more images here

Also examining the "Roots of Retail" - at Marrakech's ancient market - where the old basics of telling a tall tale and person-to-person haggling get a vivid expression - Click Here

(images credit: Tim Girvin)


The Smallest Refrigerator (Cooler)

(image credit: American Institute of Physics)

A scanning tunneling microscope picture of a solid state micro-refrigerator (the flat plane) chilling a cube of germanium.


Portrait Illusion on a New Euro Coin

This commemorative coin is called the "Architecture Fever" (designed by Stani Michiels) and features very unusual portrait of Queen Beatrix:

(image via)


Autoped Motor Scooter: when times are rough... this 1918 model comes to mind

Maximum speed 20 mph, good for postal workers and deliveries - more info

(image credit: Shorpy.com)

(images credit: American History)


Mystery Object

Time to present new riddle to our erudite audience:

What is this?

See the answer at the bottom of this issue.


Bender the Bartender

(original unknown)


Dark Roasted Blend's Photography Gear Picks:

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Happy Thanksgiving!



This mysterious object is the Soviet Army anti-personel and anti-vehicle mine POM-1. (Russian Army stopped using it after perestroika). Here is how it works: when hitting ground, holder (five star-like objects held together) falls off releasing spring-fired tripwires. After shord delay needed to settle down, mine is ready, so hitting tripwire detonates it. Interestingly, the Soviet POM-1 version is a slight variation of the original American mine BLU-42/B, used in Vietnam.(source)

(images via)

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French, Italian & Japanese rare beauties

DRB Feel-Good
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Epic 1970s French Space Comic Art

DRB Time-Slice: Valérian and Laureline

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mysterious objest is one of US bomblets, not sure about this type, but it seems to be scaterable anti-personel mine. When hitting ground, holder (five star-like objects held together) falls off releasing spring-fired tripwires. After shord delay needed to settle down, mine is ready, so hitting tripwire mahes it BOOM

Blogger pettter said...

The Flying Penguin video was an April's fools production by BBC this spring, as can be seen on this Telegraph link:


Thanks for a great site, by the way!

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Pettter - I am curious if anybody would believe it's true. I'd like to speak with this person :)

glad you like DRB

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Engineer Xavier Borg doesn't convince me that his ideas comprise anything that is not already known to science. In fact I don't even see a theory in his 2 pages of writings.

Anonymous Toby said...

The image in the The Smallest Refrigerator (Cooler) is actually a Scanning Electron Microscope image.

Blogger Skipweasel said...

Hobbiton's in the Midlands, or just possibly the Cotswolds, not where London is!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been to the Marrakech market, and those stall owners are the best salesmen I've seen. If you simply pass by them and glance their way, they make you feel guilty for not buying.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous post 1 is correct on the unknown object it is most definitly a bomblet, to be precise it is a cluster bomblet. They are used both as anti-personel and anti-vehicle devices.

Blogger pettter said...


Oh, I have no doubt whatsoever about that, considering the beliefs of some people,

On the other hand, my faith in humanity may not be on the most healthy of levels ;)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous picture is a CBU-26 cluster bomblet, american, vietnam era.


Blogger ebeneezer said...

I am quite disappointed with all of you. The "Mystereous object" is OBVIOUSLY the Holy Handgrenade of Antioch!"
Bah! People these days. No sense of history.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm, about the image with the foot- and wingprints in the snow... couldn't it just have been a bird landing and walking through the snow?

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

ha... I think you nailed it

Blogger elmegil said...

Ebeneezer you beat me to it!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its a cluster bomb unit "bomblet". But I'm not sure whose it is -- It doesn't look like the US ones, and might be a Russian or Eastern Bloc unit CBUs were manufactuered by 34 different countries, and have been used by a number of countries and non-state organizations (such as Hezbollah in Lebanon in 2006).

Blogger Avi Abrams said...

Thank you guys - you got the answer - post updated.

Blogger encik tapa said...

the "Bender" picture is superimposed over a scene in a movie titled "Casablanca".

Anonymous Dom Feryn said...

You mean Bender wasn't really in it? :(

Anonymous kramble said...

The mystery object is a Soviet bomblets .. Very dangerous explosive . dropped by the RBK 250 or RBK 500 Russian..


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