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Trilobite Beetle of Laos

Coleoptera: Lycidae (Duliticola sp.) from Puhipii Mountain in Oudomxay, Laos - a distant relative of click beetles and fireflies... More info


(image credit: Art)

If this bug freaks you out, be amazed by this: "The Longest Insect in the World" - more than half-a-meter long, it's the Phobaeticus chani (Chan's megastick):

(Image via)

Today's pictures & links:

Colliding galaxies: an artist's view

Last Biscotti issue we published a scientific visualization of the galaxies in collision, now we found more realistic picture - an artist's conception - of how such tremendous event could look (or staged inside some Hollywood blockbuster) - more info:

(image via, credit: David A. Hardy/UK ATC)

"The galaxies themselves show surprising differences. One is a dead system that has formed all of its stars already and used up its gaseous fuel. The second galaxy is still alive and well, holding plenty of dust and gas that can form new stars.... both galaxies contain supermassive black holes at their centers."


Careful... It just moved

I would not be surprised if this machine starts crawling around the beach.... pulling itself after its rusted pipe leg.... messing with our minds...

(image credit: Benson Kua)

This surreal image is part of the WebEcoist compilation of HDR water, snow and ice images, see more there.


Dubai City Tower: 2.5 km high!

You've read about 1 km high skyscraper planned for Dubai (already approved) - link - but all this pales in comparison to this gargantuan project (click to enlarge image):

Dubai City Tower is planned for the Jumeirah City project... even includes a vertical bullet train: one-and-a-half mile tall, 125 mph elevator.

Read more about proposed outrageous structures and most fantastic properties on this page.


Only Born Yesterday... and Ready to Run!

(image credit: Monte Stinnett)

This lovely little guy is a kildeer, and he really was just born a day before the picture was taken.


The Vinyl Wave

"Sound Wave" by Jean Shin, displayed at "Second Lives: Remixing the Ordinary" exhibition at the Museum of Arts and Design... More wonderful sculptures are here


Mixed fresh links for today:

Space Potatoes! - [hilarious video]
Post-Apocalyptic Picture - [wow art]
When chairs can be nsfw - [design]
Abandoned airfields, airports... - [abandoned]
The website you all waited for: Upside Down Dogs! - [cool site]
Amazing Sun! - [super pictures]
Weirdest Kinder Surprise Video - [fun video]
Canadian Police Chase - [fun video]
Claude the Kung Fu bear - [wow video]
A community for financial news, ideas, and tips - - [sponsored]


"WonderHowTo" 2008 Video Awards

The great DIY video site Wonder HowTo just launched the 2008 Video Awards, honoring their top video creators by featuring the best videos of the year and having readers vote in 13 different categories. Our favorite, of course, is Weird Science category, hacks and pranks (lots of those).

For those of you who have never been to the site, they are the one-stop shop for all how-to videos on the internet. With a library of over 225,000 videos they provide the largest, most contemporary, and most diverse resource in this increasingly growing space. Voting will be open for one month, from October 13th through midnight PST November 13, so get over to WonderHowTo right now and vote on the 2008 Best How To Videos In The Universe.. You can also snag a free t-shirt, while there.

Oh, and we totally love this little mascot.


Basil Wolverton - classic crazy cartoons

There is an appreciation article about his work here, including fascinating research "Acoustics in the Comics"

(image via)


Military ads - enjoy them, if "enjoy" is the right word...

A bunch of rare military advertisements for all kinds of hardware and weapons are put up on this site. Some examples:

One thought comes to mind - somebody's actually reading these ads with a mind to purchase (and having the funds to do so)


Stupid Cupid

This is just too good to pass by - via.

(original unknown)


City Inside the Cliff - Setenil De Las Bodegas

An ancient city in Andalucia, Spain, is simply stunning. Check out this video, showing this location in all its weirdness.

More images are images and info.


More Creative Coffins

Collateral Damage site has compiled the best examples of using the subject of death in marketing: Click Here. Among the gems there are these coffins from T3 and Creative Coffins:


This car wants to kiss you

This is 2001 model of Mitsuoka, Japan. It's got these cutesy lips, you know...

(images via)


Some kind of crash??

Mind your speed limit, even when riding on the farm.


The Meaning of Life

ummph.... the link is not there?... silly internet.


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Hellish Weather on Other Planets

Wild, Untamed, and Uncut

DRB Feel-Good Issue #33

Loads of cool and rare imagery

Medieval Suits of Armor

Metal Body Suits vs. Weapons of Medieval Destruction

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Am I the only one who finds the idea of a 125mph elevator terrifying? o.o


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