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The Show Must Go On!

"Don't Panic!" seems to be the prevailing sentiment these days - from the stock markets, to the financial collapse of entire countries (Iceland). Well, learn total self-control from this radio dj who stays on air, no matter what:


Today's pictures & links:

The Other Grand Canyon

Thomas Moran painting of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone (1872):

(image via)

It is one of the works of art that opened the eyes of the American public to the geologic wonders of the West. See more paintings by Moran here.


Our Sun in a Groovy Light

(image via Solar and Heliospheric Observatory)

This is a composite image from three wavelengths (171Å, 195Å and 284Å) - revealing solar features unique to each wavelength. (corresponding to temperatures from 1 to 10 million degrees C).

See other video highlights of observation of the Sun on this page (including gigantic explosions, coronal mass ejections and a comet almost plunging into the Sun).


E.T. is in your garden

(original unknown)


Cool Shot of the Day
(in cooperation with National Geographic magazine)

Jumping Dolphins!

(image credit: Andrew Wong, National Geographic)

Photo by Andrew Wong -
This pod of bottlenose dolphins was leisurely surfing in the waves as the offshore wind blew against the incoming waves, creating an atmosphere that was most unique and magical. At a place called Waterfall Bluff in the Transkei, South Africa.

A Church in Iceland

(image credit: Alex Jagendorf, National Geographic)


Mixed fresh links for today:

"Deepest ever" living fish filmed - at almost 8 km - [wow nature]
Best ways to use Twitter... or not - [thought-provoking]
Awesome High-Speed Photography - [gallery]
Robot Toys, Robot Helpers, Mobility Robots - [robot tech]
6 Insane Ways to Destroy Your Credit Card - [weird]
Neat-looking 150mpg concept car - [auto]
Fly a spaceship: ultimate simulator software, example - [geek tech]
Newspaper Delivery in India - [wow video]
The Anvil Chorus!!! - [fun video]


The Octocube!

Actually, the radical radiator shape - inspired by the Peano mathematical space filling curve... Designer: Vivien Muller, France. More info.

(image via designboom)


A fish at its limit: The Bloodless Icefish

This fish does not have blood, and pretty much ditched the skeletal system in order to float. Read more about it here

(photo by Bill Detrich)

"A brittle skeleton... A complete lack of red blood cells... Yet an ability to survive and thrive in a subfreezing marine environment. Antarctic icefish would seem to serve as odd specimens for study, a family of fish that probably couldn’t survive anywhere else after spending millions of years adapting and evolving in a freezer-like environment where the salty surface water is about minus 1.8 degrees centigrade. But this fish might help researchers in their quest to understand and eventually cure some bone and blood diseases because of the vertebrates’ unique characteristics." Its larva stage is pretty ghastly, too:

(photos by Wikipedia Commons and Kevin Bilyk)


Meaningless Frog Pictures

Just what it says...

(image credit: Zhaba)

(image credit: dBond)



"This tower stands in a cleared area of El Salaam's Internally Displaced Persons camp in Omdurman, just outside Khartoum, Sudan. The land was put aside in expectation of an influx of Palestinian refugees coming to Sudan. They never arrived."

(image credit: Aubrey Fagon, National Geographic)


The Director's Chair

Favorite on-location chair of the Wachowski brothers.... Well, actually, an art installation by James Gulliver Hancock


Why would anyone do this?

It does not look like a prank. My guess is, they just delivered the car - time to unwrap the present.


Mystery Sign



Catch up on your espresso consumption:

(photo via Bernd M.)


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Hellish Weather on Other Planets

Wild, Untamed, and Uncut

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Medieval Suits of Armor

Metal Body Suits vs. Weapons of Medieval Destruction

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Blogger Lamberto said...

Why would anyone do this?

I would suggest because of an incoming hailstorm: that car is a big target and definitely not cheap to repair.

By the way, First.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The frog! So touching! Was he shot? Just sick?

Anonymous Marilyn Terrell said...

Another way to use Tweet: to offer and accept a marriage proposal:


Not sure if this falls into the good or the bad category.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The frog probably ate a piece of that icefish.


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