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Candidates Dancing Frenzy

Scroll down for today's pictures & links.

Candidates Dancing Frenzy!

Obama and McCain (and a mysterious visitor) square off in a dance marathon - you choose the winner!


On a related note, here is a site If the World Could Vote, which tries to get a more global sense in this voting.

Today's pictures & links:

Vintage Poll Counting Machines

(image credit: modernmechanix)


Snake Fence

Tony Acevedo strolled out into his backyard to find this snake in a fence with a bird in it's mouth. No idea how the snake caught it.

(photo by Tony Acevedo from the Dominican Republic)


Time Machines

Don Pezzano makes incredible pieces... time pieces... time machines. Slightly hallucinatory.

(image credit: Don Pezzano)

And, as though just looking cool is not enough, these art items are built using downed International Space Station components. See the whole set.


Cool Shot of the Day
(in cooperation with National Geographic magazine)

You have to see this image large (click it) - then you'll see the birds there...
Photo by Jason Tamure - a sunset over the gannet colony at Muriwai Beach, New Zealand.

(image credit: Jason Tamure, National Geographic)

And we just have to mention the spectacular view from California's coastal Highway 1, south of Santa Cruz (just been there this summer...) Photo by Dhiman Kheerak:

(image credit: Dhiman Kheerak, National Geographic)


Mixed fresh links for today:

Mistakes and Blunders of Science - [fascinating]
Radical Bed Designs - [furniture]
Tangled Kelp Forests - [nature photos]
Problems with the new NASA Ares Program, more - [space]
Alternative approach to launching NASA missions, more - [space]
Star Wars Character Gadgets - [geek tech]
Hard boiled egg extraction from its shell... wow - [cool video]
Chocolate Love - [fun video, nsfw?]
A Man with three buttocks - [fun video]
A community for financial news, ideas, and tips - [promotion]

Interview with Avi Abrams on BornRich - [DRB News]


Great transportation for witches at Halloween


Spell With Flickr

This site allows you to write anything you want - with Flickr-hosted photographs of letters, in random style:


Speed Racers

Somebody watched "Speed Racer" once too many times? These are neat concepts, though:

The "Formula Zero" racecar, from Mercedes-Benz - More info

Audi Calamaro - More info

Peugeot Blade, from Peugeot Design Contest 2008 - More info

Oskar Johansen's Peugeot 888 - More info

Argentine Esteban Peisci's Xtreet, runs on three spheres! - More info


It's the beginning of the end when you see things like this ...

(image via William M. Tsutsui


City Mound

Neat limited edition print by Kiel Johnson at POV Editions:

On a side note, they recently launched an open call for artists and image for submission, check it out


Animals vs. modern stuff

(image credit: Heru Suryoko)


Great Quizzes

How many MPG does your body get? - Click here to find out

WARNING! This is addictive: Short Term Memory Checker - Click Here


Good Kitten, Evil Kitten



Mystery Plane

This is really weird... note the wide windows at the front, unfinished tail. Photoshop or not, what do you think?

(images via)

UPDATE: According to this forum, this is a shortened mix between Boeing 747 and DC9, used in the counter terrorism training. (thank you Alister)


Abraham Lincoln in a stormy mood...

(image via)


(image via)


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Futuristic Concept Cars of the 1970-80s

French, Italian & Japanese rare beauties

DRB Feel-Good
DRB Feel-Good Issue #29

Loads of cool and rare imagery

Epic 1970s French Space Comic Art

DRB Time-Slice: Valérian and Laureline

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Blogger OM said...

These are some great pictures, but that snake with the bird in its mouth is really cool.

Anonymous Jason Wieman said...

The plane, i believe its a training plane for something like a terrorist attack or even just emergency. So the military and emergency services can practice their responce.

There is one of these at an air force base in my part of the world.

(Perth, Western Australia)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like some sort of emergency and anti terrorist training, cut off wings and only two engines are probably to make it easier to store. Might also be the reason why they took the tail or perhaps it was used on another airplane?

Blogger Diego said...

I think the plane was made for a movie....

Anonymous 80s Videos Loverboy said...

and by "vintage" voting machines, you mean the type we STILL use in NYC.

Blogger Gilipollas said...

That strange plane... it says "EMU Airlines". I found an "EMU Airways" on Google, but said nothing about antiterrorist tours.

Blogger adrian said...

Aircraft looks to be a 747 SP with its wings clipped.


Blogger Botocs said...

Maybe it's the plane from the last James Bond "Casino Royale" - it looked something like this.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a model!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The donkey photo has to be photoshopped, either that or its got broken knees.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This Airplane was given to the Australian governemt so they could train Hostage Rescue CQC.

Blogger alister said...

Counter terrorism training mix between 747 and DC9. Linky: http://bbs.keyhole.com/ubb/showflat.php?Cat=0&Board=modEarthMilitary&Number=40933&page=34&fpart=6

Blogger Johnny5 said...

Anonymous, I think you missed the point of the donkey. He is holding a cell phone. :-) Of course it is photoshopped.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah New York State still uses those decidedly low-tech voting machines -- I feel better with them than with any computer you can hack in 10 minutes!


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