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Scariest Bus Ride

Scroll down for today's pictures & links.

Scariest Bus Ride

This driver almost crashed a busload of students on a steep mountain road. Enough thrills here to spice up your day... and a happy ending.
The road itself could be added to our Most Dangerous Roads series!


Today's pictures & links:

The Klein Bottle: impossible one-sided object

The Klein Bottle is a surface with no distinct "inner" and "outer" sides. This is a "triple bottle" variety, on exhibit in The Science Museum in London.

Here are a couple of rather more simplified, hand-blown glass emulations (the wine "glass" on the right you can even purchase here) -

(images credit: Clifford Stoll and Grand-Illusions)

Check out more "Impossible objects" on this cool page.


Working Replica of Noah's Ark

Yes, it's the amazing Biblical Noah's Ark, lovingly replicated in Schagen, Netherlands. Built by Johan Huibers as a testament to his faith in the literal truth of the Bible, this ark is 150 cubits long, 30 cubits high and 20 cubits wide.

(image credit: Paul the Dane)

"Life-size models of giraffes, elephants, lions, crocodiles, zebras, bison and other animals greet visitors as they arrive in the main hold. Huibers did the work mostly with his own hands, using modern tools and with occasional help from his son Roy. Construction began in May 2005. Visitors on the first day were stunned how big it really is. There is enough space near the keel for a 50-seat film theater." See more images here.


Post it Note Daydream
- via

Spend too much time in a cubicle, and you might start creating these trippy abstracts:

(image credit: David Gunter)


Ekranoplan + Shuttle

Cross-pollinate a Shuttle program with Russian obsession with ekranoplans (see proof of this obsession here) - and what would you get? You'll get freaking awesome (and largely not very practical) technological wonder, that's what - a thing of beauty to any geek and concept artist, and another reason to re-evaluate current options of getting into space.

These concepts were created in hopes to use the Earth's oceans for space launches: keep in mind that launching close to equator allows for 1.7 - 2 times heavier payload. The Sea-Launch project is already in full swing (facilitating vertical launches), however for the Shuttle-like horizontal launches and landings, Russian engineers propose to use a fleet of heavy ekranoplans... We have some more technical info, write to us if interested.

(image by G. F. Petrov, click to enlarge)


Mixed fresh links for today:

Alphabet Trucks - [very cool]
Snail Car! - [very strange auto]
Boeing 747 Hotel: inside and out, also drb post - [airplanes]
Book of the Future from 1974 - [futurism; lots of pics]
The Worst and Most Obnoxious Dictators (outside of Stalin) - [history]
Sea Forts Awesome Conversion - [architecture]
Gremlins invade other films - [crazy video]
Imperial Stormpacas - [fun video]
Gnarly, Huge Ironman Suit - [wow video]
Online Flea Market - [sponsored]


Surreal Paintings by Mihai Criste

Mihai Criste, Romania, has some very strange art ideas, a good update for our illusions and surreal art articles.


Politics can be stressful... here are the ways to unwind:

(image credit: www.worth1000)

(this one is a Photoshop job, too? I hope so)


The Best Pulp Art in the Universe

Back in 2007 this site opened a thread, inviting readers to submit their favorite (mostly SF) pulp cover art - and now this thread became nicely populated with gorgeous examples - like these:

(right image: modern art by Bradley W. Schenck)


Love is all around

Some romantic waterfalls come with built-in stepping stones:

This tomato could be Photoshop, of course, but you can easily make your own - your date will be either impressed or grossed out by your playing with the food.


Cool graffiti art from Russia

Get strong... working out in this gym. But don't kick the walls for goodness sake.
(art by Vitaly Rusakov)


Mystery Photo

Would like to know where this is...

(original unknown)


Don't stare at it too long

Mesmerizing animated gif, found here. And another one.

(image credit: cyberchaos)


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French, Italian & Japanese rare beauties

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Epic 1970s French Space Comic Art

DRB Time-Slice: Valérian and Laureline

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Anonymous 93civEJ1 said...

Didnt Evan Almighty build that Ark replica?? ;)

Blogger Juanma Hernández said...

The people of the bus are not Spanish students, but the driver is.

And the multiple klein bottle is five times one inside other, not triple variety one.

Blogger paypal said...

What a boring little clip. Annoying girl complaining the whole time, and the bus lurched once or twice, BFD.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah Evan Almighty built the Ark, but it was a very average CG reconstruction. it stood out like a sore thumb to me.

the bus vid was scary, made me laugh but i hate heights.. doh!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The photo of the stone Buddhas is exactly like one that I saw outside the Kiyomizu-dera temple in Kyoto Japan

Blogger Emily Veinglory said...

I am not sure why the shot with the head-dress would be 'shopped. People do wear there for reasons other than 'fun'.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"150 cubits long, 30 cubits high and 20 cubits wide"
Riiiiiight. What's a cubit?

Blogger Commander Clumsy said...

Grants to the busdriver, having to put up with passengers like that.
Grants to the poster of this clip as well, for never being outside of his hometown -flatland- as well.

Blogger tetris said...


cubit is 45 cm.

Blogger Bassem B. said...

Hi Avi, one of the covers from "vintage pulp fiction" is actually a recent artwork by artist Bradley W. Schenck. You can see it on his deviantART page here:


Also, his name is on the artwork, as well as "2008".

Nice post! love the blog. Looking forward to the continuation of posts about countries.

Blogger CaliGirlinVegas said...

I visited the Ark replica website and found the following quote: "The original Ark was 140 cubits long, and 23 cubits wide and 14 cubits high, This Ark is 70 cubits long, 9,5 cubits wide and nearly 13 cubits high"
So its not an actual-size replica like you posted.

Blogger J. P. van de Giessen said...

This replica of the ark is only 1/4th of the ark in the Bible. For some more pictures see: http://bijbelaantekeningen.blogspot.com/2007/04/de-ark-van-noach.html

Anonymous David Laidlaw said...

The picture with the headdress is not likely photoshopped - the person on the right is Alberta Premier Peter Lougheed who held office from 1971 to 1985. I believe the middle person was Ralph G. Steinhauer - the first Native Lieutenant-Governor of Alberta from 1974-1979. As such and in ceremonial occasions he was entitled to and would wear headdress (the Windsor Uniform having been abandoned).

Anonymous Feng said...

Anonymous said "Riiiiiight. What's a cubit?"

Excellent Bill Cosby callback.

"Whose gonna clean up that mess down there?!?"

Blogger yup said...

fyi FENG its about 45.72 centimeters
( a cubit ) its what the Egyptians measured in.

Anonymous Liz said...

the bus driver did not have to "put up" with that, he wasnt doing his job. If you were up there youd be freaking out too. When I went to barcelona spain they had cliff JUST like that one and it was incredibly scary. If I had any doubts about the driver id be yelling too.

Anonymous Kumo said...

About mistery Phot: I'll bet it is in Japan. Theese "parades" are common near Shrines and mounts.


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