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I am not an anteater. I am your child.

Kids are a handful, a leg-ful, a lap-ful, and more - in fact, they will take all the time and money allowed for them, and then some. In return, you will behold a dimpled happy creature who will "murmel, murmel, murmel" (yes) and adore you in a greater way than a puppy, a cat or even an anteater ever will.

This wonderful little human being has every bit of emotion and feeling as an adult; only they just learning to express themselves - often with unexpected hilarity, as the following image compilation amply proves:

We'll start with happy kids... and go from there -

It says somewhere in the Bible that "where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them". Well, then - does this count?

Start of a true friendship:

(image credit: Mehrdad Azadi, National Geographic)

and a true jealousy:

Having more fun than anyone expected:

(image credit: Mark P. Knowles)

With a little help (from your kid) -

Disgruntled (and more)

(image credit Bru & Ulf)

Disenchantment comes, sooner of later -

Visit to the dentist, on the contrary, can be intriguing:

Hyper-active kids... and those who just tag along

Kid's play will know no limits:

Gotta... have... toys

(image credit: Peter Strandberg)

In the absence of jewelry:

In the absence of a bench:

...or a bed:

Yes, kids possess inherent ingenuity and will make the most out of any situation.

But for goodness sake, keep the "monster toys" (most viciously made in the former Soviet Russia) away from them:

Some though might argue that the limited exposure to ugly toy horrors might even do a child good (with proper "parental guidance"). After all, he sees no less frightening stuff outside:

Scary embrace:

Urban sculpture installations sometimes can be downright shocking:
(but will nicely illustrate where the babies come from?)

Grandmothers (and "babushkas") seem to enjoy the playgrounds (when taking a break from watching the kids) -

What is your mother's last name? Are you sure? -

Children can be so adorable, that you might want to have your own little polymer sculptures of them, to have that special moment of cuteness anywhere you go. Order some made by Camille Allen - they are the best:

These could probably make a wonderful set of Tamagotchi, if such an option was available.

This playful kid's doggy bag says: "Insert a finger - wiggle a small tail". Good fun:

Treat them to the Jellyfish Pacifiers. Made in Tokyo, of course. (such an obvious idea, really!)

(image credit: fgautron.com)

Another "nightmarish" toy (probably a pacifier) -

Is it really safe? -

This is deeply, deeply wrong. But you knew that -

North Korean kids go for a walk:

OK, draw a deep breath, here goes "cute photography" again:

And we finish with a beautiful Victorian kids section:

Beautiful eyes:

Some images came from sites and emails which did not credit the original photographers. Please help us to find out this information, so that we could include the credits.



See more silly kids here and here

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Anonymous Hambone said...

The picture of the child soldier with butterfly wings and an AK-47 is surely one of the saddest things I've seen lately.

Oh, and aren't the squid pacifiers actually meant to be jellyfish pacifiers?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great collection as always

The Victorian section looks more 1930's and 40's to me.

and the AK-47 shot with the wings, those aren't toys.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

He meant the wings :P

Anonymous Kaisertroll said...

To me these wings are photoshoped. Considering those kids are in armed conflict area I doubt they would wear such flashy toys on their backs.

Anonymous C Palmer said...

The wings are probably real. The National Patriotic Front of Liberia was infamous for child soldiers who wore womens' wigs, dresses, etc. in combat in the belief that it confused their enemies' bullets.

Anonymous Kirt The Kids Beds Expert said...

Some of the kids in the article appear in the armed dispute so I hesitate that they would wear such
flashy wings on their back-side...

Blogger Manpreet said...

Very thoughtful, touching, and some of them downright hilarious.

great post


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The aliens face hugger isn't a pacifier, it's a plushie (comes with it's cocoon too, that's the grey thing in the background), I saw them for sale somewhere but I can't remember where.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The bambi piece is from Ben Frost's "Kmart After Dark" I believe.

I think it's awesome. <<

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the story behind the photo with the two policemen in the foreground (one of whom is holding a billy-club) facing a child?


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