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Disturbing Wiring, Part 4

- link - by A. Abrams

More Tangled Awesomeness

It's time for another installment in our highly popular "tangled wiring" series.

Judging by the amount of our image submissions, the life of sysadmins and IT technicians is not getting any easier, when it comes to unraveling wiring messes. Plus some countries seem to have never developed the concept of tidy wire management. But what if sophisticated cable connections simply have to be made? The set-up in this room seems to be working, but we do not have information exactly how well it works (click to enlarge) -

The wire is a simple thing. It only has two ends.

The potential for chaos, though, knows no limits. The following photos instill in us a certain sense of dread, as we do not want to come anywhere close to them in reality, or even poke them with a stick -

Sven Briels sent us this picture. He says: "This wonder of engineering was feeding the airconditioning in my hotel in Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina). Note the switch bundeling under it :)" -

Note the labels! Somebody went to the trouble of labeling this mess (did it help?) -

(photos by wb8foz at nrk)

Location, location, location -

(image credit: Vinny Abello)

I don't see wires here. I see hair -

Somebody said "A clean desk is a sign of a sick mind". It seems some wildly creative project is underway here -

Terrifying electric wiring from Chelyabinsk, Russia -

"The worst phone wiring in Scotland" -

(image credit: Shannon Orem)

Weeds (and trees) compete with wires:

(image credit: zombie37)

A semblance of order? or a real thing?

Wired magazine recently published shots of the internet's "densest meet-me room" - where 260 ISPs get all inter-connected, with very little room for error.

"If this facility went down, most of California and parts of the rest of the world would not be able to connect to the internet."

(images credit: Dave Bullock/Wired.com)

Monkeys like the wiring all too much:

If you'll stare too long at some crazy wiring, maybe you'll decide to simply turn it into a form of art:

"Spaghetti Art" - via

Mad, mad, mad pipe-work

Why would anybody do something like this? Perhaps they hoped that if they multiply trans-dimensional pipe loops and increase the structural complexity, it'll turn the liquid inside into gold, or even better, into vodka... they failed, in either case:

If some plumbing is too messed up, you can use the weirdest pipe joints as a sculpture outside:

Just to compare, this is what the truly awesome pipe work looks like:

You gotta love this vintage arrangement (Toto's keyboardist, Steve Porcaro, arranging the wiring on his analog synth system in the studio, probably sometime in 1977-78):

(image credit: Steve Porcaro(ex-Toto), 1982)

But then again, maybe it's not even worth to spend an extra time and effort to organize these pesky knots? After all, the Universal Law is the ultimate increase in entropy and chaos, so why even bother...

(original unknown)

Sources: 1, 2, 3



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish you enable yourr site with http://piclens.com, just view ur cool things with cool view

Blogger BrianDeuelDotCom said...

The "vintage arrangement" above is Toto's keyboardist, Steve Porcaro, arranging the wiring on his analog synth system in the studio, probably sometime in 1977-78 or so. I recognize the face, even though I've never seen that actual picture. Back in those days, synths came in "stacks", since they were pretty much analog. Nowadays, just like computers, one digital keyboard system replaces that entire mess...

Blogger BrianDeuelDotCom said...

Oops! I was wrong. That pic was from 1982. More info, and more pictures of studios, here: http://usuarios.lycos.es/audionautas/Paranoias/santuarios6.htm

Blogger ulekai said...

I reckon the first pipe pictures loop is t prevent an open sewer connection, and so takes care of any smell.
The blue one seems like a diy radiator.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The first pipe loop looks like a moisture catch...it has a drain tap.

Blogger Lindsey S said...

The scary part is when places network older buildings, they look just like the first picures of cables in a crawl space.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The 'unnecessary' bends in the pipes are mostly to allow the pipes to expand and contract (due to thermal changes) without breaking - since a pipe can BEND OK, but they don't COMPRESS (longitudinally) very well at all!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quelle 2 = http://www.offtop.ru/misi/v20_579528__.php

Blogger bob said...

Quelle2= http://www.offtop.ru/misi/v20_579528__.php

Anonymous Maniquí said...

Soundtrack for this post: "La vida es llena de cables" (Life is full of wires), by Los Samplers.

Los Samplers is one of Uwe Schmidt (Atom-Heart, Señor Coconut) experimental music alter-egos.

You can hear the track here at the end of the post, there is a player.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The blue spirally pipe must be a wall heater...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

vintage wiring.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Priceless... I honestly laughed more at this wonderful collection than any other I have ever seen. The smooth transition to pipe was such a stupendous surprise!.. thank you.

Personal fav.... russian white pipes pic, monkey with dangerous cable 2nd.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

now try to tell me that first pic wont overheat..?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Geez, Blade Runner and Brazil are coming to pass!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey a page on the neatest wiring would be cool - I've seen some awesomely anal server rooms!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those phone wires actually aren't that bad. I mean, they're not attractive, but as long as they all go where they say they're going, then the tangles don't really matter.

Until you get a short or an open halfway down the cable. Then you're fucked no matter what.


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