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Tank Accidents! - Part 2


Also read Part 1

Not every tank likes a challenge

In a curious reversal of roles, the powerful and frightening tanks depicted here are not so threatening any more. In fact, they are downright in distress - either flipped by a sleight of fate, or mired in spectacular amount of dirt. Overwhelmed... and definitely not invincible.

Stuck in some legendary Russian mud:

(images credit: tanksandarmour)

UN armored vehicles get in trouble, mostly due to the totally messed-up roads:

(image credit: Chris Smith)

Action! Adventure!

(image credit: cockanippledoo)

155mm of pure destruction -

(image credit: cszar)

Squashing smaller vehicles. Survival of the biggest

(image credit: cszar)

(image credit: Sabine & Gerd Plewka)

(image credit: Nick Lawes)

Picture-perfect Tank Wrecks

Interesting modifications:

Lamborghini Tank:

This Soviet armored vehicle has an extra set of tracks, which are only deployed when the going gets tough. Otherwise, the tracks are lifted to assure high speed of the vehicle.

(image credit: Russian Arms)

In some places even graffiti confirms the tank's hard life:

(image credit: atryu)

The source of all driving trouble?
Somehow we knew it all along -


Choose the wackiest tank in this fun vote !


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Blogger Sigivald said...

Just to nitpick, many of those are Armored Personnel Carriers (BMP-1s and BMP-2s, looks like), rather than tanks.

The lack of an Extremely Large Turreted Gun is the giveaway there.

(Things with an Extremely Large Non-Turreted Gun are mobile artillery, not tanks either.)

Anonymous Gray Lensman said...

A man in Texas I knew lost a D9 Cat (very similar to a tank but no gun) in a Gulf Coast salt marsh. The only thing that was left was bubbles and the operator swam for his life. The company wrote the thing off 'cause there was nothing that could go and retrieve it.

Blogger Charlie_Six said...

Flipped over tanks look so sad.. and adorable! Kinda like ED-209 in Robocop, when he trips on the stairs. Poor ED-209!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The source of all driving trouble?
Somehow we knew it all along -"

Why ya gotta go and say that?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Why ya gotta go and say that?"

Because it's irresistible?

Blogger K!P said...

how dioes one get out of an overturned tank?

Blogger E Cook said...

Wonder how many were proceeded by the phrase:

"Here, hold my beer; hey y'all watch this!"?


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