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Go ahead, make this prank. Your co-workers will be glad you did

All except the owner of the "pawn'd" office, that is. He may be lucky if he gets any help to clean this up. Also, depending on the quality of the prank, his sense of humour may somewhat help, but then again, your sense of job security may plummet...

Just wait till your victim falls asleep...

And get to work... here are some ideas. From the most harmless:

(photo by Jeff Zola)

to the most brutal (imagine the cleanup...)
Also choose the guy who hates the smell of popcorn -

(image credit: John L.)

Of course, the best thing would be to make a speeding vehicle out of the whole cubicle, like these guys at Portland Soapbox Derby did:

(image credit: manyfires)

(image credit: Tommy)

It becomes harder and harder to come up with original ideas for a prank:

"Post-It notes taking over" themes are so common now that they're routinely used in advertising:

and even being a perfectionist, you can still miss a spot (on the cardboard box, you notice)

(image credit: Rivet sf)

so you should think beyond using the obvious, and make pranks using...

Short of encasing the favorite objects of your co-worker in ice (which is impractical), this is the next best thing for making them inaccessible:

(image credit: Todd Hunt)

The mouse still worked in the previous picture, but this coffee cup is definitely unusable:

(original unknown)

(image credit: collegehumor)

Why stop at that? Prepare enough jelly to go all out:

(image credit: simplyfired)

Some other ideas:

(image credit: Matt Reinbold)

Create a furry/fuzzy rat infestation:

(images credit: baraskit.se)

Make good use of his/her phobias:

(image credit: Christine)

(image credit: margoleath.com)

Or play on his/her cravings. Here... have some marshmallow "Peeps":

(images credit: badcasserole)

Get rid of some ugly furniture:

Attack his car:

Make him a refrigerator out of cardboard:

(image credit: cubejinx)

Cardboard is very pliable material for all sorts of arts:
(If you have a big office, there is always good chance it has someone resembling an Easter Island character)

(images credit: Carter Comics)

This could be a subtle hint not to take work too seriously:

(image credit: juicystyle)

and go play a round of golf:

(image credit: serversunderthesun)

(image credit: Daryl Fox)

Phones are the easiest objects to hate

This is a classic that's very easy to do:

(image credit: Matt Reinbold)

Next most hateful object in the office is a computer keyboard, of course.
Here is how to make it a bit more interesting:

(image credit: Cris)

or let your favorite lizard loose over it:

Get some group exercise:

or suddenly decide to re-enact "The Shining":

Pranks are not limited to the office space, of course

Here is a wonderful, I would even say "glamorous" site for those who love pink and a "horrendous" site for all those who hate it.

Pink Prank Project documents the appearance of pink all over the guy's apartment, when he went to New York for a week.

(images credit: pinkprankproject)

Some office bathroom pranks:

Install this (very loud) device:

If your boss is kinda restless, give him this thing for a present. Or use it to help those whose cubicle is too far away from the bathroom (they'd thank you in case of emergency)

There is no point in pranks on a guy, whose office is INSIDE the bathroom:

(images credit: cubejinx)

Thus, getting rid of the cubicle angst by pulling a marvelous prank on your buddy, the whole office atmosphere will definitely improve:

The Happy Life at the Office!

(images credit: Frank Uyttenhove)

Here is what happy office workers are capable of:
(watch this "music video" unravel)

Lip Dub - Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger
from amandalynferri.

Soon this unnatural joy will wear off, and it's back to business as usual:

Images by Royalty-Free/Corbis


Also check out Best of Office Comedy

Other sources: Weirdomatic, Simply Fired


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Anonymous Andrew said...

Some very creative ideas for pranks.

The pictures with the post it notes and the endless piles of paper remind me of my cubicle. And no one even had to play a prank on me!

The mobile cubicle for your boss is a great idea.

However, if that idea proves inpractical, I have an alternative for dealing with your boss:

(1) Attach a small, inconspicuous electronic motor underneath his chair. Ensure that the device can be operated by remote control.

(2) Install a small strap belt onto the chair for safety reasons.

(3) Using a remote control, wheel your boss around the office anywhere you like.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can add this one to your collection:


Anonymous Basta said...

I want to do the wrapped up phone, the jello, and the stuffed rats.
Let you know how they turned out

Anonymous Anonymous said...

love that "music" video!!!!!

sooo awesome!!!


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